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The story of an Alsatian hotel

The story of the Hotel le Grillon began in 1982 when Juliana Jorge – then 23 years old, made her dream come true. Freshly out of Hospitality School where she interned at prestigious institutions in Strasbourg, Juliana had one ambition: to run her own hotel.

After living in Paris for a little while, Juliana returned to Strasbourg and crossed paths with a former employer who let her know the Hotel Le Grillon was for sale. With his support, Juliana took her chances and decided to buy the property, becoming the youngest hotel owner of the region. The hotel was then modest, with one star rating and 32 rooms.

In 1989, joined by her partner Andre Meyer, they undertook the first renovations of the hotel which led to the opening of a bar “La Perestroika” and the acquisition of a second star in 1990.

Less than ten years later, they acquired the building next to it adding 36 extra rooms.

In 2016, another renovation brought the hotel to earn its third star. 

In charge of the hotel for four decades, Juliana continues to improve its quality by always creating a memorable trip to Strasbourg for all of its guests.